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Hey, you’ve got to try Lethal Company with friends! It’s this crazy game where we can all chat while sneaking around spooky spaces. The proximity chat makes it hilarious – you won’t believe the laughs we’ll have when someone screams at a jumpscare. Plus, playing sound effects? They’re waggish, they’ll have us both on edge and cracking up. Trust me, it’s the perfect mix of spooky and silly. Let’s team up and play – it’s going to be epic!

Lethal Company



Lethal Company plunges you into a gripping world of survival and horror, where the thrill of exploration meets the tension of lurking dangers. Imagine yourself as a daring scavenger, traversing desolate moons in a retrofuturistic, post-apocalyptic universe.
Your mission? To unearth valuable scraps from these forsaken landscapes, remnants of a world long forgotten.


But here’s where the excitement truly begins. As you navigate through eerie, abandoned terrains, the game transforms into a nerve-wracking experience. Every shadow, every sound could herald unknown horrors.
The adrenaline rush of not just finding treasures, but also outsmarting and surviving the lurking perils, is the core of what makes “Lethal Company” a heart-pounding adventure.


What adds to the fun is the co-op aspect. You’re not alone in this daunting task. Team up with friends or join forces with other players. Together, strategize your way through challenges, share the thrill of discoveries, and back each other up when the unexpected strikes.


Each foray into the unknown promises a new story, a new challenge. Will you emerge as a savvy survivor, or succumb to the hidden horrors? In “Lethal Company,” it’s not just about what you find, but if you can live to tell the tale.
The game brilliantly blends the excitement of exploration with the rush of survival horror, offering an experience that’s as fun as it is unpredictable.


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Lethal Company with a voice changer

Dive into “Lethal Company” for a wild ride with friends, where the screams are as real as the laughs! Picture this: you’re sneaking around spooky moons, scavenging for loot, and bam – a robot’s voice pops up in your ear, making you jump with a perfectly timed joke.

Thanks to the game’s epic proximity voice chat, your pals feel right there with you, plotting strategies or just goofing around but with the voice changer you will create chaos and laughs.

Lethal Company

And the Soundboard? They’re the cherry on top. Imagine eerie creaks and sudden bangs adding to the jumpscares, making every moment a mix of thrill and fun just armed only with a light torch.

In Lethal Company,” it’s not just about surviving the horror; it’s about cracking up with your buddies at the most unexpected moments. Get ready for an experience filled with heart-pounding excitement and side-splitting fun!

Using a soundboard on Lethal Company

So… are you ready to LAUGH, CRY, SCREAM, or RUN?!

(all of them)

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