Back 4 Blood Voice Changer
& Soundboard

The terrifying creatures won't be the scariest part of the game. Try the Voice Changer for Back 4 Blood with the scariest voice filters and sound effects!


Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

Download Voicemod for Desktop

Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and soundboard available on both Windows and macOS. Give us your email to get Voicemod in your mailbox.

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It’s up to you and your friends to fight against the enemy, face the Ridden, and regain the world. Imaging fighting all these battles using the Back 4 Blood voice changer, a whole new immersive experience. Download Voicemod voice changer and soundboard for Back4Blood free now!


Yes, Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer game and has a voice chat! So… we can add Voicemod to it and use all its functionalities in the game to take it to the next level. Set up the voice changer for Back 4 Blood just following a few steps. Read below, it won’t take you more than a few minutes.

Back 4 blood voice changer
  1. Get Back 4 Blood for PC on Steam.
  2. Download Voicemod Voice Changer app on this page and install it correctly on your PC.
  3. Open Voicemod and enable the Voice Changer and Hear Myself options at the bottom of the window. Now you can select Voicebox in the left-hand side menu and test the different voice filters available. Or you can select Soundboard and test the different sounds effects.
  4. On Steam, go to Friends> Settings> Voice, and then change your input device to Voicemod Virtual Microphone.
  5. Once this is configured you will be able to use the in-game voice chat with your voice changed or play any sounds from the soundboard. As simple as that!

Best Voice Effects for Back 4 Blood

If you ever played Left 4 Dead or if you are now playing Back 4 Blood, you know that in a game like this one, every single move that you make is crucial… And every sound too! That’s why Voicemod brings you the best voice effects for Back 4 Blood. Do you want to emulate a Zombie? Maybe something scarier? A Demon? Or a Living Dead? We get you covered! Select the voice filter of your choice and play it while gaming with your friends. We have plenty of scary voice fx available. You choose!

voices for back4blood
zombie horde

Best Soundboard for Back4Blood

We have the best soundboard for Back4Blood! If you like the scary-zombie theme, just go to the Soundboard section inside Voicemod and select the Zombie horde profile, with plenty of terrifying sounds to play in the game. But that’s not all! Apart from horror-themed sounds, we have several profiles. Try the Prank soundboard too, it will make your day!


How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

We have prepared some tutorials to help you configure Voicemod with your favorite programs.